Michelle Cowe



Mike Docwra



Mike has employed his skills as a classical woodcarver/ sculptor for over 15 years. He is an accomplished artist, draughtsman & designer who is highly disciplined in his field & has the ability & knowledge to work with an extensive range of different woods.  He worked for a number of years as antique furniture restorer and now lives & works on the Isle of Mull, with his partner Sofia.  Their inspiration derives from the natural surroundings of such a picturesque island & also from items of 17th/18th century furniture & decoration.

Patrick Elder Bronze/Aluminium Website

Lee Hendrick



Trained at Glasgow School of Art, Lee has lived and worked on Mull for many years as an artist. She has designed stage sets for a number of successful productions by Mull Theatre, Perth Theatre and others.

Aedan Howlett



Calgary Hotel Staff 2003 & 2004, now studying Art in his home country Australia.

Graham Kent




Trevor Leat

Living Willow

Trevor's work makes use of natural materials using a number of different weaving techniques.  He makes a wide range of baskets, hampers and creels that embrace the traditions of Gaelic and Romany culture.  He has designed pieces for theatrical performance, carnival and fire festivals - which are exhibited internationally.

Lisa McKenna



Mull has become Lisa's  home and base after years of travelling and time spent in the South of France and Dublin. She is inspired by the ever changing landscape and love being surrounded by creative types. She enjoys working with the natural beauty of the wood, trying to use it's full potential to be like the tree, bend with the wind and hope for the best.  As well as woodcarving, Lisa uses recycled and found objects for her work.

Andy Mortley



Andy, a painter, works from home and has a workshop for sculpture work.  He paints in oils, birds in their surroundings - sometimes appearing detailed, but on close inspection the paint is applied deftly.  Other painting s are more abstract, capturing more the mood, light and movement of the scene.  His sculptures in steel, stainless steel, wood and copper are influenced by the sea and weather.

Helen Mortley



Helen is a printmaker and painter working from home - inspired by Mull, its landscape, wildlife and flora. She often paints on wood with gouache and goldleaf, the panels housed in glass fronted boxes.  Feathers, fish and birds' eggs are favourite subjects.

Mazda Munn

Scallop Shells


Matthew Reade



Matthew grew up on a farm in Somerset, and carved wood since he was eleven. Using locally sourced timber, Wych, Elm and Oak.  “People usually draw their inspiration from their surroundings, and my furniture has a wee bit of the sea in it , as well as a bit of hill and Calgary”.  Matthew creates much sought-after beautiful carved and woven furniture pieces, mostly from local hardwood.  Matthew Reade  To view pieces from Matthew's latest exhibition, CLICK HERE

Themoula Safroniou

Mixed Media

Rae Tiernan



Rae is a native Muileach studied at Glasgow School of Art.  She created the mosaic in Calgary Woods.  Rae is a painter working in acrylic and mixed media, she also designs and makes jewellery.

Pip Weaser

Mixed Media

Rohana Weaver

Mixed Media


Calgary Hotel Staff 2003 & 2004, now studying Art in her home country New Zealand.

Urzula Ziegler