The Giraffe and Rabbit agree

That a birds eye view must be

Better then either, or both or each

Gets, as they stand and look at the Beach


Rabbit says “I am very confused

cos “excellent view” seems overused?

With legs like mine, from where I stand,

You really do see nowt but sand”.


Rabbit continues, his mood is dark,

“It’s been like this since Noah’s Ark”

I have wished my legs were long like you

You really do get a better view.


“Suppose you’re right”, Giraffe complies.

“But long legs are useless without good eyes.

Sure, my neck and legs outdo a Beagle

But I can’t even see like a half-blind Eagle”


“ The eagle’s view is crystal clear,

They even see behind their ear

But when life up there gets less than funny….

Even eagles think “I wish I was Bunny!”


Eilish’s Grandad



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