Poetry Competition winner 2009

Lydia Newton , age 13 years, Carlisle.

My Mum says I'm the Bee's Knees
I don't know what to think
Is It bad or is it good?
Between Bees and me there is no link !
If a bee came to Fly me away
Carried on the wind I'd see,
If it's knees were anything special,
And what that meant about me.
I assume bee's knees are hairy
Mostly skin and bone
Am I really that scary?
If so, why haven't I known?
But Mum says gran's beef's the bee's knees too
And I'm no piece of meat,
I know gran's beef is pretty good,
Does Mum mean I'm a treat?
Confused I went to find my Mum
And ask what the phrase meant-
It means you're truly fabulous,
And that's a compliment.
But now I'm still a bit confused,
As to how someone as plain as me,
Could be told such a peculiar thing
And be compared to the knee's of a bee.

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